5 Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Pressure Washing Colorado Springs Company to Clean Your Property

May 08, 2019

The exterior of your commercial property speaks volumes about your business. It should look appealing and neat to represent your brand. Commercial buildings, however, face all the harsh weather elements on a daily basis. This is why it only takes a few months for debris, dirt, and grime to build up and damage the exterior of your building. This is where the benefit of hiring a commercial pressure washing Colorado Springs company comes into the picture.

Why Go for Commercial Pressure Washing?

Maintain a commercial building properly with pressure washing.

How exactly does it help? Here are five undeniable benefits of pressure washing your commercial property.

  1. It keeps your commercial building looking good.

As stated earlier, your commercial building represents your business. In that way, it’s one of your most effective marketing tools that people can see. To attract your target customers and keep your current ones, it is important to keep the property attractive, clean, and pleasant to look at. This benefits not just the people outside, but more importantly the people that work inside on a daily basis.

  1. It keeps your building clean.

A dirty, dull, and scruffy-looking building is a tell-tale sign of neglect, which will easily make your customers and employees feel like it’s not worth the time to visit the property. Dirt and grime foster the growth of mildew and mold, which are huge health risks. Pressure washing eliminates this problem, ensuring the safety and hygiene of your commercial building.

  1. It protects your property from damages, and saves you money.

Algae and dirt buildup, mold, bird droppings, etc. are not just unsightly; they can also wear your building down, which leads to rot and serious damage. Even materials such as brick can get affected if left unwashed over time. Droppings are also acidic, which can easily weaken a building’s roof and gutter system. Regular pressure washing can save you a lot of money from major repairs caused by these damages.

  1. It keeps people healthy.

The buildup of dirt and other harmful pollutants can lead to health risks such as allergies, diseases, and breathing problems. Pressure washing gets rid of these dangerous substances from your building. Pressure washing the walkways, parking garages, etc., can help prevent slips and falls as well.

  1. It gives you peace of mind.

Running a business is challenging in itself. Hiring professionals to do the cleaning and maintaining for you saves time and resources. This means you can spend all your time and effort in running your business and not worry about the maintenance of your commercial building.

Choose the Best Commercial Pressure Washing Colorado Springs Company

Enjoy the benefits of pressure washing your commercial property today. (Image Source: MYVigour)

Are you in need of pressure washing in Colorado Springs for your company? PSI Systems Inc. can provide all your pressure washing needs. Whether you want to hire a company to do the cleaning for you, or you need maintenance or repair, you can reach out to us. Since our company was established in 1985, we have been the #1 choice in Colorado Springs for residential or commercial pressure washing.

You can learn more about our company and what we do here. For your other concerns, you may call us at (719) 636-3388.

How Often Should You Get Commercial Pressure Washing from PSI Systems Inc.?

May 01, 2019

Hiring a pressure washing service from companies like PSI Systems Inc. can entail a huge cost. This is especially true if you need to clean a large commercial building. But this is an important investment for your commercial property to ensure that it looks good and stays in proper condition. Knowing the right frequency of using a commercial pressure washing service is vital. That way, you can maximize your investment and make a good impression.

How often should you pressure wash your commercial building?

Pressure washing is key to maintaining the condition of a commercial building (Image source: Chron)

How often do you need to use pressure washing on your commercial property? You might have asked this question before. Here are some guidelines to help you determine if it is time to call your pressure washing service provider:

  • Schedule a commercial pressure washing when the seasons change. Each season will have a different impact on your commercial building–whether it is winter or summer. Different debris or dirt can accumulate on the exterior of the structure. Pressure washing can help to eliminate those debris and dust to keep the property looking its best. This is an opportunity to give your building a once-over before the start of each season.
  • Schedule one according to the needs of your company. There are several factors that should be taken into account. For example, your location should be considered when deciding on how often you should conduct pressure washing on the property. Some locations are more exposed to debris and dust than others. Also, some cities or states have harsher winters or summers. Use your own judgment according to your physical assessment of the building. If you feel like you need to get commercial pressure washing, then you do.
  • Schedule a commercial pressure washing after a storm. Storms can cause great devastation to a property especially as it can carry with it plenty of dirt and debris. Make sure you hire a professional pressure washer so you can get rid of stuff and preserve the integrity of the building.
  • Schedule it if your building is within an industrial area. Debris, dust, and other particles are common in an industrial area. Buildings located in this area must schedule more frequent pressure washing compared to other commercial properties. A common example of this is a property located close to a construction site.

In the end, you can use your own assessment of how frequently the pressure washing is required.

Commercial Pressure Washing from PSI Systems Inc.

There are plenty of benefits offered by regularly pressure washing your commercial space. (Image source: Reddit)

Are you looking for a Colorado pressure washer service for a commercial property? At PSI Systems Inc., you can depend on professional quality cleaning and maintenance for your equipment. You can get maintenance and repair for your items or trade-in your old equipment.

Our company has been a leader in the industry since it was founded in 1985. Whether you need commercial pressure washing, recycling, service, or trade-in, we can provide it for you. Give us a call at (719) 636-3388 for any inquiries, or when it is time to give your commercial building some cleaning. You can also send your inquiries to this email:

Why You Need to Get a Commercial Pressure Washer Rental Colorado Springs

April 24, 2019

When traditional manual cleaning no longer removes grime and dirt from the insides and facades of buildings, it would be wise to opt for a commercial grade pressure washer.

Pressure washing is a way of efficiently removing soot, mildew, and other kinds of dirt within a building and its facade. These unwanted and unsightly blots do not only render homes, offices and building exteriors unsightly, they could also harbor millions of microscopic disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

Dirt in floor grooves can be unsightly. They can be removed by pressure washing.

Pressure washing, also known as power washing, utilizes a water spray set at a high pressure to remove a myriad of filth from all sorts of surfaces like buildings, cars, and furniture.

Pressure washers can remove hard to reach grime and dirt on vehicles as well.

What can be gained by using pressure washer rental Colorado Springs for power washing building interiors and exteriors?

  1. It provides protection for building occupants, other users, and visitors against disease-causing microorganisms that might be hidden in the dirt and molds attached to surfaces inside and outside such buildings.
  2. It offers extended usefulness of a structure as it is freed of decay-hastening dirt. Pressure washing is a great way to lengthen the life of a structure because decomposition-causing microorganisms would be washed out.
  3. A building’s market value is maintained or even increased. As the usefulness of a structure is extended, its value is maintained or stabilized accordingly. In some cases, depending on other factors like its location, the structure’s worth could even increase.
  4. By using commercial pressure washers, the curb appeal or street view of a building is maintained, at times even improved. This will result in the structure looking attractive to customers or would-be buyers as the removal of unsightly dirt makes its color sharper and brighter.
  5. There will be a decrease in future expenses in terms of cleaning and repair maintenance by avoiding unexpected damages or incidents and deterioration.

There are many ways to implement power washing in and outside building structures. These include buying your own equipment, hiring a maintenance service, and availing of pressure washer rental Colorado Springs.

If the cost of owning a pressure washer or a maintenance service by a cleaning professional could be too pricey for the average building owner, then availing of a pressure washer rental would be the most practical way to go. PSI Colorado Springs is a standout for this service, as can be gleaned from the testimonials of those who have experienced doing business with us along this line.

So, while your abode, office, or other structure is not yet experiencing any serious deterioration due to unwanted grime and dirt, it is wise to make a move now. Get to know the necessary steps to prepare for its cleaning through power washing technology. You may call or visit PSI Colorado Springs. You can discuss your situation and avail of the appropriate service that would be the best fit for your needs.

The company is located in Colorado Springs and has operations in South Colorado, Pueblo, and nearby areas. You can browse through the company’s products, services, and other contact details by visiting our website.

Why Spring is the Best Time for Pressure Washing in Colorado Springs

April 17, 2019

Spring has finally arrived, and with it comes the chance to make your outdoor area look great again. The harsh conditions brought about by the winter may leave damages and debris that prove to be a struggle to clean with ordinary cleaning tools. External structures in your home and/or businesses have faced a combination of extremely cold temperatures, moisture, and road grime that is not a pleasurable sight to look at. But worry no more, as pressure washing could help you in getting back that pre-winter glow.

Pressure washing is a great way to kick-start your Spring cleaning.

Before You Start Pressure Washing

A lot of controversy has surrounded the use of pressure washers for spring cleaning, as some have claimed that it causes more damage to structures than it does them good. However, there is one thing that is certain: it can only be damaging if the person operating does not know what they are doing. Pressure washing involves the right combination of pressure, heat, chemicals and distance to achieve the desired output. There are also different techniques to tackle different types of surfaces. For delicate structures, it may be better to have professionals tackle the job. You should be able to find a commercial pressure washing company in Colorado Springs that you can count on in these cases.

The equipment used also plays a major role in the success of your pressure washing. It is important that it has enough power and maneuverability to aid you in cleaning. Imagine the stress you’ll have if your machine does not work properly or does not have the features you wanted in order to achieve your spring cleaning goals. Check out our quality pressure washers that will surely be worth your investment. Already have your own machine? Check out our equipment services to help it perform at its best. Find out more about us here.

Spring Cleaning Tips on Pressure Washing in Colorado Springs

Pressure washing helps get rid of persistent mildew, debris, grime, and dirt buildup. A perfect addition to your Spring cleaning routine.

The conditions brought about by winter can have damaging effects on your external structures if not worked on immediately. In Colorado Springs, freezing temperatures are experienced nearly every winter night. On average, there are 22 days when the temperature here does not rise above freezing. This is why spring is the best time to shake off those winter blues, as it offers the perfect weather conditions for cleaning.

You may want to consider pressure washing the following areas/items in your home:

  • Concrete/Brick Driveways

A nice and clean driveway not only looks good but also enables you to use it more efficiently. Imagine pulling in to a messy driveway, and having difficulty on where and how to park your car. It just wastes your time and adds unnecessary stress.

  • Wood Decks

Having a clean wooden deck or back patio is nice especially during the summer when you want to hang out with your friends and family (backyard BBQ, anyone?). However, since it is exposed during the winter, the wood most probably looks dark and aged and has developed some moss and mildew. Pressure washing with the right chemicals can restore the wood to its former glory.

  • Vehicles

Going to the car wash is much faster, but it also costs you more. If you have a pressure washer at home, you can use it to give the same sparkly clean as a trip to the car wash, but with less water and less cost. Just make sure to use the right nozzle and the appropriate distance to avoid damaging your car.

These are just some of the things you can use pressure washing on in your Colorado Springs home. There are a lot more you can use it on, such as patio furniture, windows, gutters and sidings. What is important to take caution to avoid inflicting damage when you’re trying to clean.

Tips for Safe and Effective Pressure Washer Maintenance in Colorado Springs

April 10, 2019

A pressure washer is one of the most important pieces of equipment you can have at home. It is a useful investment because you can use it for cleaning the exterior of your home, deck, or garage. Whatever your purpose for buying one might be, there is one thing you should not neglect: maintenance. There are plenty of services for pressure washer maintenance in Colorado Springs, but there are some steps you can do on your own. When performing upkeep work on your pressure washer unit, it is vital to observe effective measures to ensure the safety of users.

Best Tips for Maintaining Pressure Washers

Safety tips when maintaining a pressure washer (Image Source: The Spruce)

Maintaining and cleaning your unit is not enough. You need to take note of these safety tips and procedures for keeping the good condition of your device:

  • Always perform a test of the cables, bolts, screws, and other components of the pressure washer. Make sure there are no loose pieces or connections. Remove or fix any loose ends or bolts before you try to run a test on the equipment.
  • If you have determined that some parts are in need of replacement, make sure to use only approved parts. Experts are able to identify which items are legitimate and which ones are fake. If you are not sure, it is best to consult a professional before using those parts to replace broken ones on your equipment.
  • Avoid overfilling the oil and fuel levels for gasoline-powered models. Keep an eye out on those levels as they are displayed on the equipment. Do this before and after use, as well as before maintenance.
  • Check the individual parts and components to make sure that each one is working efficiently. If there are some that are not functioning properly, make sure to replace them.
  • Always drain the fuel in gasoline-powered pressure washers before storing them for a long time. Make sure you use only approved containers for this. If not, treat it with a stabilizer before storing your pressure washer for over 30 days.
  • When covering your equipment after maintenance, always use a cover that does not retain moisture.
  • If you find that the maintenance procedures are far too complex to understand (or a safety hazard), it is best to leave it to professionals. They are the ones who best know the proper procedures for maintenance and safety (of the device and the user).

Looking for Pressure Washer Maintenance in Colorado Springs?

How to safely maintain your pressure washers

If you want to skip the hassle of care and maintenance for your unit, you can turn to the professionals for that. We offer the best in Colorado pressure washer service and repair as we are fully equipped with the tools to get the job done. Our team is also made up of technical experts who have years of experience repairing and maintaining this type of equipment.

You can learn more about the services we offer on pressure washer repair in Colorado Springs here. Our experts abide by the safety measures when working with such powerful tools. By hiring us to perform pressure washer maintenance in Colorado Springs, you can ensure your safety and that your equipment will perform its best. Give us a call today at (719) 636-3388 or find other ways to contact us!

How to Keep Pressure Washing Equipment Ready to Use, According to Colorado Pressure Washer Service And Repair Companies

April 03, 2019

Calling someone in to handle Colorado pressure washer service and repair can quickly resolve the problem. But when the equipment needs servicing more frequently than expected, then it’s a good idea to keep it well-maintained. The best way to avoid having to constantly deal with a broken pressure washer is to know how to properly handle and care for it.

Tips from PSI Washers Colorado pressure washer service and repair

Here are the tools needed:

  • Cleaning brush
  • Eye protection
  • Gas can
  • Oil drain pan
  • Spark plug tools: socket, gap tool, feeler gauge, and a plug wrench
  • Socket wrench

You also need these materials:

  • Air filter
  • Antifreeze, or pump lubricant
  • Drop cloth
  • Engine oil
  • Fuel stabilizer
  • O-rings
  • And, in case the spark plug tools haven’t tipped you off, you also need a spark plug

Things to do before using the pressure washer

Like any good pressure washer repair Colorado Springs technician will tell you, you don’t just break out the washer and start using it with abandon. You have to run preliminary checks on it, too, like any piece of machinery. On top of that, there needs to be regular maintenance work. Your machine requires scheduled inspections and attention so you can spot any potential problem before it blows up into a major issue.

  • Ensure that the oil and fuel levels on gas-powered models are filled up properly. Don’t overfill, either. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing, as the old saying goes.
  • The washer has a lot of components that need attaching; spray gun, wand extension, spray tip, high-pressure hose, and other things. Make sure that they’re undamaged and they’re properly connected to the machine.
  • Interior components can get dirty and clogged, which not only hinders their performance, but can even lead to catastrophic damages. In case this wasn’t obvious already, make sure to check up on this, and rectify it, if needed.
  • Don’t be afraid to test out your washer and its components. Make sure whatever you’re pointing it at is something you want to get wet.
  • Read the manual. User manuals are not only legally required, but they’re also really useful. They’ll help you get started on your washer. Even experts that handle Colorado pressure washer service and repair consult the manuals of washers they work on.

After using the pressure washer

After a cleaning project, it’s time to store the washer properly. Smart storage is the key to preserving equipment, as any pressure washer maintenance Colorado Springs professional can attest to.

  • First, make sure the machine is properly rinsed and no detergent remains. Detergent buildup is bad for your machine, so avoid it by running some water through the system for a minute or two after removing the siphoning tube.
  • Turn off the pressure washer, as well as the water supply. If it’s electric, unplug it, too. Point the gun away from people or animals, then let it run until water no longer flows.
  • Engage that trigger lock, and let the washer cool itself down.
  • Make sure that there’s no water left inside the washer. For gas-powered models, give that recoil handle a good yank, or several. For electric models, turn it on then let the water exit the pump, then shut it down immediately.
  • Debris is bad for your washer, so make sure to get rid of it.

If you’re still confused, we understand. Here at PSI Washers, we work hard to ensure we’re up to speed on using and caring for pressure washers, so we don’t get out-splashed by the competition. We’re more than happy to assist you with your washer needs, or even just to give out some helpful adv If you want to know more, visit for more information.

Top Tips on Pressure Washer Maintenance in Colorado Springs

March 27, 2019

The proper maintenance of your pressure washer equipment will keep it working at its best for a long time. It is also equally important that this will be done properly as incorrect maintenance procedures will do more damage to the machine instead.

Preparing for Pressure Washer Maintenance

Different models require different types of maintenance work. Generally, gasoline-powered pressure washers need more maintenance than their electric counterparts. Before anything else, it is important to check the owner’s manual for detailed steps on keeping the machine running well, when to schedule maintenance, and proper usage to prolong its lifespan.

Gasoline-Powered Pressure Washer Maintenance Tips

Gasoline-powered pressure washers, such as this gas-driven belt-drive Hotsy washer, makes heavy-duty cleaning easier.

Aside from getting maintenance services for your pressure washer machine, it is also equally important to properly care for it while using it. Below are some tips you could follow to further improve your washer’s performance:

  1. Flushing the washer pump after every use can get rid of mineral buildup and corrosion. These conditions can easily wear out the pump seals and pistons, which could easily cost you at most $200 for repairs. With a can of lubricant or antifreeze solution, attach it to the garden hose port and upon pressing the trigger, wait until water and lube go out of the other port.
  2. Regularly replace the engine oil. This way, the engine of the pressure washer will have sufficient protection during storage and will prepare it for the next time it will be used. Use only the recommended oil by the manufacturer for viscosity and type so as not to damage the engine. It is also recommended to use fuel stabilizers as these have anti-corrosion additives.
  3. Make sure to keep the air filter clean. Some models may come with reusable foam filters while others use disposable ones. Refer to the manual on how to properly clean the filter.
  4. Check the spark plug for any damages such as cracks or burned electrodes. Make sure to clean the surrounding area as well to prevent any debris from getting into the engine’s combustion chamber.
  5. Operate the pressure washer in a well-ventilated area, preferably with few obstructions.

Proper Pressure Washer Machine Storage

Proper storage of your pressure washer will greatly contribute to its lifespan. Covering the machine up for storage is a great way to protect it from dust and moisture. (Image Source: Amazon)

Proper machine storage will also contribute to the performance and lifespan of your pressure washer. Here are some tips on how to properly store your machine until its next use:

  1. Make sure to keep the pressure washer in a dry area and away from the elements. Exposing the machine to extreme temperatures will increase the likelihood of it being damaged. You may also want to cover it to avoid moisture buildup.
  2. After cleaning, thoroughly wash and dry the pump to avoid any buildup. Using soap-based cleaners can dry into crystals if not thoroughly cleaned. Additionally, leaving water in the pump can cause mineral deposits to form.
  3. If you prefer to leave the fuel in the tank before storing the pressure washer, it is recommended to use a stabilizer to avoid acid and gum deposits from forming. Another option is to drain all the fuel from the machine.

Pressure Washer Maintenance in Colorado Springs

If you own a gasoline-powered model, you can surely avail of our pressure washer maintenance services in Colorado Springs. We know that you only want the best when it comes to maintaining your equipment, and we can proudly say that you’ll find our services to your satisfaction. Contact us so we can arrange your next machine maintenance.

Want to find out more about our preventive maintenance procedures? Check this out so you can get an idea of how things will go during this process.

If you’re also looking for Colorado pressure washer service and repair, look no further since we offer repair services as mentioned here. We are proud to say that we offer one of the best pressure washer repairs in Colorado s(../hotsy)prings.

Benefits of Getting a Pressure Washer Trade-in in Colorado

March 20, 2019

A pressure washer is one of the most important tools to have at home. Even when this equipment is expensive to buy, it is a good investment. You can use it for cleaning your house exterior, garage, and outdoor decking.

Whatever you intend to use it for, there will come a time when you need to replace the equipment. As expensive as it is to acquire, it is also expensive to maintain. So, you need to consider a pressure washer trade-in in Colorado to save on the cost of repair or buying a new unit.

Why Opt for a Pressure Washer Trade-in in Colorado?

Advantages of pressure washer trade-ins (Image Source: Strategies Online)

Pressure washers are essential when it comes to property cleaning and maintenance. But even the best products are bound to fail after some time. When you cannot seem to get yours started, then you need to replace it with a new one. If you cannot afford to buy a new one, there are many companies that offer trade-ins. Here are some of the reasons why you need to consider getting yours traded in:

  • If your old pressure washer unit is spending more time in a shop than cleaning your home, trade-ins can be a good option. It does not make sense to spend a lot of money on repairing an old unit. There are several companies that accept trade-ins as long as the unit is in generally good condition. Otherwise, it won’t do a good job of cleaning and you will also be spending a lot on costly repairs.
  • If you are in need of a more powerful model, you can trade your old one in. Buying a new and more powerful washer unit is going to cost you a lot of money. If you choose to trade it in, you will only be paying for the price difference (of the old unit versus the new one). This is a considerable savings provided that you are going for an upgrade. There is no need to spend on the actual value of the new and more powerful unit.
  • Another benefit to trading in your old equipment is the opportunity to find a unit that best fits your needs. For instance, you purchased a residential pressure washer. Over time, as your family expands and you get more living space to maintain, your pressure washing needs will also change. You might require the use of a more powerful unit that can regularly maintain your property. This means that your old equipment simply cannot get the job done anymore (or at least, not as efficiently). Trading the old one for a new pressure washer is going to save you time when cleaning your home.

Source of Quality Pressure Washing in Colorado Springs

How to trade-in your pressure washer (Image Source: Bob Vila)

Whether you are looking for a pressure washer trade-in in Colorado or planning to rent equipment, PSI Systems Inc is your one-stop shop. This company was founded in 1985 and we are proud to say that we are one of the most trusted companies in Colorado Springs.

You can find a complete list of our pressure washers here. You can find the ideal unit for your needs, whether it is residential or commercial. If you need to update your current unit, you can speak to us about our available trade-in options. may call us at (719) 636-3388 to get more details about our products or services.

Why Pressure Washer Rental Companies in Colorado Springs Don’t Recommend Buying Equipment

March 13, 2019

Every homeowner can benefit from the use of a pressure washer. This tool is very handy when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your home. Due to the great functionality you can get from it, many homeowners have considered buying one. But this might not be the best option especially since pressure washers can be expensive. Make sure you consider the benefits of pressure washer rental companies in Colorado Springs before you make a decision.

Why Opt to Rent?

Should you buy or rent pressure washers? (Image Source: House Tipster)

Deciding between renting and buying your own pressure washer can be difficult. Each option has some obvious pros and cons. But here are some of the reasons why renting this type of equipment would make more sense, especially for homeowners:

  • It is easier on the budget to rent. Starting with the obvious, renting a pressure washer is cheaper compared to buying one. If you are going to do routine cleaning, it makes more sense to simply rent a machine that you will probably only use once or twice a year.
  • It gives you more room in your garage. As mentioned above, a pressure washer is something that you will be using twice a year (at most) to perform routine cleaning. There is no need to eat up valuable space in your garage or storage room.
  • It will cost more to maintain the unit and keep it in top condition. Aside from the one-time cost of purchasing it, the maintenance cost should be considered, too. If you are not trained to care for and handle pressure washers, you will find that it won’t work as efficiently as it is supposed to. This is very common when the unit is left in the garage for months without use.
  • Buying consumer-grade pressure washers will be a waste of money. These items, which should be ideal for cleaning and maintaining a residential property, are not intended for long-term use. Buying this type of unit and using it only once before keeping it for months is a waste of investment. By the time you are ready to use it again, the product could already be faulty. Why pay a full price for a pressure washer unit when you are only going to use it a couple of times a year? It is simply an impractical decision!

We’re Among the Best Pressure Washer Rental Companies in Colorado Springs!

Benefits of renting pressure washing units (Image Source: House Tipster)

If you are looking for companies that offer rentals on pressure washing in Colorado Springs, check out PSI Systems, Inc. We are the one-stop shop in the area when it comes to all things pressure washers. Since we were founded in 1985, we have helped homeowners and businesses with their cleaning needs.

We only supply the best pressure washing brands in the market such as Reznor, Landa, Clean Energy, Watermaze, and many more. This is how we can ensure that we provide the best quality pressure washers to our clients. If you need to rent one for routine maintena at home, contact us via email or phone.

Get the Best Out of Your Colorado Pressure Washer Service Equipment by Following These Tips

March 06, 2019

In maintaining a clean vicinity by removing loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud and dirt from walls, surfaces, and objects such as buildings, vehicles and concrete surfaces, a pressure washer would be your best tool. To always get your cleaning projects done on time, it pays to know some important tips in keeping your pressure washer in good running condition. Of course, the operations and maintenance of your equipment would vary depending on the type and make or model that you have. Here are some few tips that can help you out:

Things You Need to Know Before Using a Pressure Washer

Check and test your pressure washer before use to ensure proper function.

  1. Before using the pressure washer, always refer to the User Manual for specifics as the operating and maintenance procedures would vary depending on the kind of pressure washer that you will use. Take the time to examine your equipment and its accessories before use to avoid performance problems.
  2. Know if it is a gasoline- or electric-powered pressure washer. Gasoline models require the regular checking of oil and fuel levels to avoid overfilling. Electric pressure washers, on the other hand, require handling and operating in a dry spot off the ground to ensure safety against electrical hazards.
  3. Check and test the following: inline screen (if available), spray gun, wand extension, spray tip, and trigger lock, and ensure secure hose connections and the detergent siphoning tube including the system filter, if available.

Things to Know After Using a Pressure Washer

  1. After each cleaning project, rinse the detergent from the pressure washer.
  2. Relieve pressure in the machine by turning it off or unplugging it, and removing the water supply.
  3. Engage the trigger lock and let the pressure washer cool down.
  4. Disconnect the garden hose, spray gun, wand extension, and high-pressure hose, then completely drain the water before pulling the recoil handle about six times (for a gasoline-powered model) or turn the unit on until the water exits the pump (for an electric model), and then turn it off immediately.

Proper Storage for Long-Term Use

To ensure the long-term use of your pressure washer, proper storage is the key. Take time to know some general maintenance tips to prolong the use of your equipment from the product manual. Some examples are keeping it in a dry area to protect it from weather extremes, or applying pump lubricant to shield it from freezing during winter. You should also cover it with a material that does not hold in moisture before keeping it in storage.

Engage Expert Services

*Seek an expert’s assistance for pressure washer concerns beyond your control. *

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Colorado Springs pressure washer experts to help you with your concerns. You can find your reliable Colorado pressure washer service and repair, pre- scheduled maintenance, pressure washer rental companies in Colorado Springs, commercial pressure washing Colorado Springs company and more with PSI Systems Inc. PSI Colorado Springs is the one-stop shop for pressure washers since 1985. We are an authorized dealer for various brands of pressure washers, parts, water treatment systems, and waste oil heaters and more!

Speak to our Colorado Springs experts by calling any of these numbers (719) 636-3388 or 1-800-660-3386. One c( does it all! Also visit our website for more details!

PSI Systems Inc. Lists Down Ways to Use Pressure Washers Safely and Properly

February 27, 2019

PSI Systems Inc. is your one-stop shop for everything related to pressure washers in Colorado, including safety tips in using our products.

To the experienced user, a pressure washer is just a handy tool for home and commercial use. But for beginners and the uninitiated, it can be a hazardous piece of equipment. This is especially true for someone who doesn’t understand or lacks the knowledge as to why there is pressure in a pressure washer.

Lifting the pressure off pressure washing Colorado Springs

When used properly and safely, a pressure washer is a great cleaning tool. It is important that you wear closed-toe shoes and safety goggles when using it, which begs the question why.

The answer? A power washer jet spray can cause serious injuries, especially when pointed directly at someone. The high-pressure injection is enough to knock someone off their feet and even leave permanent damage.

Want some concrete proof?

The amount of pressure (PSI) exerted by a machine can punch a hole through different materials, including diamond.

  • 928 PSI - Rubber
  • 1,160 PSI - Human skin
  • 1,740 PSI - Concrete
  • 1,914 PSI - Glass
  • 2,321 PSI - Wood
  • 29,008 PSI - Structural steel
  • 162,442 PSI - Diamond

Although commercial pressure washers don’t have ratings high enough to cut through concrete, it could still cause damage to human skin.

Therefore, if it’s your first time using equipment for commercial pressure washing Colorado Springs, remember these safety tips:

Read the pressure washer manual.

Nothing beats knowing and understanding the machine you will be handling. The more you know how to properly and safely use it, the better and safer you are and those around you.

So, take time to read the user manual, even if you’ve used one before. Each machine is different.

Never point a pressure washer at someone or at yourself.

1000 PSI is enough to injure and amputate, especially at close range. If you need to wash dirt off your hands after washing the driveway, don’t use the pressure washer, at all.

Before using the washer, make sure that the area is clear and that there is nothing hazardous nearby, such as moving vehicles, kids playing around, and stuff you’ll trip on. And when the equipment is in use, never allow children and pets to play around it.

Always wear personal protective equipment.

Your feet, hands, and eyes are at high risk of injuries and flying debris. So, protect them at all costs.

You should also protect yourself from any direct spray, pointing the washer away from you and using only the right pressure nozzle. When not spraying, engage the safety latch to prevent accidental sprays.

Use the red tip pinpoint jet nozzle with care.

Better yet, avoid using it unless absolutely necessary.

The nozzle delivers a small, very concentrated stream of water that is strong and powerful enough to damage a soft surface. You can just imagine the kind of injury you will inflict with a high-pressure injection.

So, use it with care, or don’t use it at all.

Avoid using a pressure washer at height.

The kickback force of a pressure washer can push you off the ladder or from the roof, so it’s better not to risk it.

If pressure washing at height is needed, hire professionals to do the work.

Store the pressure washer properly.

After use, turn off the equipment and squeeze the trigger before you disconnect the hose and nozzle. This will release any residual pressure.

Be very cautious when moving the washer, especially after extended use. This is because the engine and motor can get very hot.

Consult with PSI Systems Inc.

We’re not only in the business of pressure washer trade-in Colorado residents recommend, but also in taking care of our clients from sales to after-sales. If you need professional advice in using pressure washers safely and properly, you can rely on us to equip you with the knowledge that will help you.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call during business hours.

Tips to Help You Buy the Right Pressure Washing in Colorado Springs

February 20, 2019

Pressure washers have improved by leaps and bounds when it comes to quality and pricing. Aside from the affordable price and quality, the options in the market have also increased. So, when you are planning to buy equipment for pressure washing in Colorado Springs, educate yourself about the available offers before making a final decision. This is how you can ensure that you get great value for your money.

Shopping tips to help you get the right pressure washer

Everything you need to know about pressure washers (Image Source: Medium)

The use of pressure washers makes cleaning your property easier, which in turn will keep it looking great. Take time to understand the different elements involved when choosing the right equipment for pressure washing in Colorado Springs:

  • Experts suggest that you consider two main factors when buying a pressure washer. The first one is the size. How big or small the equipment is will determine how long it takes to complete a job. When determining the right size to use, you must also consider the space that requires cleaning. The second consideration is the life expectancy. This will determine the value of the investment made in the equipment. It is equivalent to every dollar spent for how long the machine was used throughout its lifetime.
  • Know the ratings on pressure washers. When shopping around, you will notice that there are ratings designated for each type or model. The HP rating determines the pressure and volume the equipment can produce. The PSI rating refers to the cleaning force of the machine. Lastly, the GPM rating refers to the volume of water it can pump in a minute.
  • The type of pump is also an important consideration. The pumps will differ depending on whether you buy residential or commercial pressure washing in Colorado Springs. Make sure you choose the right type for your needs.
  • Before you buy a product, ask where you can purchase replacement parts (if needed). This is a practical consideration to make because you must anticipate repairs in the future. Your ability to access parts for replacement is going to make it easier to repair the machine. If you can fix the equipment, you also increase its life expectancy. If there are no accessible replacement parts, you could end up throwing away your old pressure washer to replace it with a new one.
  • Make sure to check which accessories are included when you make your purchase. There are different accessories needed such as the hose, wands and tips, gutter cleaners, and more. The more accessories are included, the more use you can get out of the pressure washing system.

Where to find quality pressure washing in Colorado Springs

What to know about pressure washers

There is only one name you can trust when it comes to pressure washers in Colorado Springs: PSI Systems Inc. Since 1985, we have been known as the go-to destination for residential or commercial pressure washers. We have experts who can assist you in choosing the right product for your needs. Contact us today to learn more. We also accept pressure washer trade-in in Colorado. You can check out the brands that we have on offer!

Here’s how you can choose the right pressure washer nozzle, according to commercial pressure washing Colorado Springs specialists

February 13, 2019

With the right commercial pressure washing Colorado Springs tools, cleaning surfaces will never have to be tedious ever again. So, it’s vital to choose the right equipment to help you remove dirt and grime that has stuck to the floor or walls for a long time.

The wrong choice of pressure nozzle spells the difference between a good or bad pressure washing job. If you’re washing a car, there’s a huge possibility that the paint would peel off with the wrong nozzle. If you’re washing a driveway, the water could punch through the mortar.

This is because the nozzle you choose will indicate the pressure a washer exerts when pushing water out of the equipment. What if you choose one that ejects a strong pressure?

To avoid problems, here are factors you must consider:

Nozzle blast, color, and purpose

1) 0-degree, red, blast

Sends a blast of water directly to the surface. It’s rarely used because it only cleans a small surface area at a time.


  • Hits an area the size of a quarter coin
  • Doesn’t fan or sheet out the water spray
  • Takes forever to clean even a small area
  • Suitable for blasting off a tough cake of mud, rust, and stains on high strength concrete

2) 15-degree, yellow, stripping

It sprays water at a wide 15-degree angle, covering a wider surface than the red-tip nozzle would.


  • Pressure is decreased since its force is spread over a 15-degree wide area
  • Used to wash areas that will be painted
  • Can remove tough mud and dirt when used from the right distance

3) 25-degree, green, lifting

Best for pressure washing Colorado Springs specialists recommend to lift dirt and clean surfaces.


  • Sprays water at 25 degrees wide
  • Pressure is decreased as the force is spread over a large area
  • Most commonly used pressure washer nozzle around the home
  • Cleans a bigger area faster

4) 40-degree, white, spraying

Providing the most gentle spray, it is often used to clean windows.


  • It must be held at a right distance so as not to cause damage
  • Also used to clean blinds and other fragile surfaces

5) 65-degree, black, soaping

Use primarily for soaping surfaces.


  • Comes with a large orifice that increases pressure in the hose but decreases velocity
  • Increased pressure pulls soap/detergent into the line
  • Covers a wider area at 65 degrees

6) Turbo/rotary nozzle

This particular pressure washer nozzle combines the blasting power of a red-tip nozzle and the lifting ability of the green-tip nozzle. Rotation adds in the pulsing action.


  • Spews out a water jet at 1,800 to 3,000 rpm.
  • Creates a round-cone shape when the water hits the surface

Know how each nozzle type is used from a commercial pressure washing Colorado Springs provider

**1) 0-degree, red, blast **

  • Clean corners of driveway, patio, and tiles
  • Use to remove hard and tough grease, oil stains, etc.
  • Clean high or hard-to-reach areas

2) 15-degree, yellow, stripping - Cleans dried oil, mud, and grease stains that are tough to remove.

3) 25-degree, green, lifting - Cleans tiles, bathroom, kitchen, walkway, and cars.

4) 40-degree, white, spraying - Removes dirt from floor, car, motorbike, and other delicate stuff.

**5) 65-degree, black, soaping **

  • Washes off normal dust
  • Use after soaping an area

6) Turbo/rotary nozzle - Cleans floors (tile or mosaic), patio, roof, etc.

  • Start small and wide

Now that you know what each type of nozzle is capable of, choosing the right one should be easy. Just to be safe, however, start with a nozzle that has a wider angle and test the pressure on a small surface area. This way, you’re sure that you made the right choice. Remember to keep your distance as well.

Need help with your commercial pressure washing needs?

Get in touch with PSI Systems Inc. We not only offer financing and pressure washer trade-in Colorado clients trust but also sell pressure washers, parts, and accessories, including nozzles.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our products and services.

Why You Should Switch to Pressure Washing in Colorado Springs

February 13, 2019

It takes no rocket scientist to figure out that your home’s exterior is subject to exposure to harsh elements. This happens day in and day out, which can take its toll on your property. Using the right cleaning method can help stop damage to your property and preserve its value. It is for this reason why pressure washing in Colorado Springs is high in demand. It is a necessary step if you want to give your home a bit of an update to restore its value.

Benefits of pressure washing your house exterior

Benefits of pressure washing Image Source: Ten Buyer Guide

A good pressure wash cleaning is vital for keeping your home fresh and clean. Experts recommend that your home exterior should be subjected to pressure washing at least once a year. This is a small investment that can pay huge dividends in the long run. If you do so, you may enjoy these benefits:

  • It can boost your home’s curb appeal. Increasing the curb appeal of your property is vital, especially if you want to resell it in the future. This enables potential buyers to form a favorable initial impression of your home. Make sure you use pressure washing to remove dirt, grime, mold, and mildew that can diminish the beauty of your home’s exterior.
  • It can increase your property value. While it might seem superficial, the small details can do so much in terms of assessing your home’s value. Keep it in good condition through regular pressure washing. This is a must before you repaint your home to give it a fresh new look.
  • It is an important step for your home’s preventive maintenance. By regularly pressure washing your home’s exterior, you can prevent the buildup of dirt and grime that could threaten the property’s stability. From chipped paint to rotten wood, these factors can significantly affect home value.
  • It discourages the formation of harmful bacteria. This is the most important reason to use pressure washing to maintain your home. You want to avoid the formation of harmful bacteria that can be a threat to your family’s health.

Pressure washing is also a highly versatile method that you can use for cleaning your home. It is recommended for the maintenance of the following: fencing, walkways, swimming pools, decks, driveways, garage doors, and outdoor furniture.

Your #1 source for pressure washing in Colorado Springs

Pressure washing can boost your home value

At PSI Systems Inc., we provide the solution to your pressure washing needs. Our company was founded in 1985 and has since been the premier provider of residential and commercial pressure washing in Colorado Springs. We offer the best brands in the industry such as Landa, Reznor, Watermaze, and Hotsy, among others.

You can contact us to learn about the best solutions for your needs. Our friendly staff members at PSI Systems Inc. are ready to address your queries. Aside from providing pressure washing supplies, we can also offer service and repair, as well as pressure washer trade-in in Colorado Springs. If you are ready to get started in protecting your home, give us a call at (719) 636-3388. You can also send your inquiries to this email:

5 simple ways to be certain your oil furnace is ready for the summer.

April 04, 2018

Oil Heater Maintenance

When spring rolls in and the weather begins to warm up, it’s probably time to be ready for summer! Taking some simple steps to prep your waste oil furnace can help it last through the few months of downtime.

Proper maintenance, can mean the difference between a working oil heater and having to pay someone to fix one that wasn’t well maintained. Here are some routine tasks to help you prepare for the summer.

What yo can do do to shut down your furnace for the season

  • Clean the oil canister screen
  • Clean the pump head screen
  • Remove sludge & water from the tank
  • And more, click to see!

Check out our website for the full list of details or reach out to your local dealer if you have questions.


Cuda Parts Washers

October 01, 2017

Parts Washers - Cuda

Meet a few of the PSI Guys Team! Tim, Jason and Rod, strapping up a new Cuda Front-Load Aqueous Parts Washer to be delivered to a company that sells and services off-road “toys”

Why choose Cuda Parts Washers?

Aside from being the most trusted brand in parts washers, buying one will be the best decision your business ever made! When buying an automatic parts washer, you want to choose a well-designed product with an outstanding reputation for quality and engineered to withstand the rigors of daily use. Cuda Kärcher Group has been producing the highest quality in automatic aqueous parts washers since 1993. And with knowledgeable dealer support available through PSI Systems, Inc, you’ll have a valuable sales and service resource when you need help with your industrial cleaning system.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Reduction of Manual Cleaning Costs
  • Eliminates Hazardous Solvents
  • Save You Money

Why choose Cuda Parts Washers?

Top-Load Parts Washers

Small in size, yet able to clean parts up to 500 pounds. Ideal for individuals in any industry looking to clean small to medium sized parts. Design and technology are at their best with our top-load automatic parts washers.

Front-Load Parts Washers

Completely automatic and solvent-free, our rugged, industrial-sized washers greatly simplify parts cleaning. Space saving roll-in doors allow easy access to the wash chamber and prevent solution from dripping on the floor.

If your shop is in need of parts washer, give us a call and let one of our expert equipment specialist help your find the right one for you!

Small in size, yet able to clean parts up to 500 pounds. Ideal for individuals in any industry looking to clean small to medium sized parts. Design and technology are at their best with our top-load automatic parts washers.

Oil Burner Preventative Maintenance

August 23, 2017

Waste Oil Burners

Labor Day weekend is over and cooler weather will soon be upon us. The evenings are already dipping down into the 50’s and today the first cool front came in! Is your shop’s oil burner ready for winter? Nothing is worse than coming into work after the first real cold snap, only to find out your oil burner is not working!

PSI Systems, Inc. offers preventative maintenance and repair service on many popular waste oil heaters, such as Clean Energy, Clean Burns and Reznor units. Our service includes going through the entire unit, cleaning the chamber, replacing the fuel nozzle and firing up the machine to make sure it works properly. We also have a large parts department, so chances are, if you need a part, we have it in stock!

Josiah installing a new Clean Energy Waste Oiler Buner

We have two technicians that specialize in waste oil heaters, from installation to repair. Bryan services the a good part of Colorado, including the eastern area, the western slope, all of southern Colorado and Colorado Springs. Josiah works mainly the Denver area. Between them both, they have 30+ years of experience, so you know your machine will be hands.

Installing the vent.

Don’t wait for old man winter to rear its ugly head, leaving your shop and your employees in the cold! Schedule your oil burner maintenance soon, by contacting us today!

Introducing the most effortless trigger gun on the market!

July 11, 2017


The new Kärche EASY!Force.

The new and revolutionary EASY!Force trigger gun uses its own recoil force to hold the trigger down for you. This means no more sore hands after hours of use. Try our EASY!Force trigger gun — it is so much fun, you will not want to put it down!


The new EASY!Force technology holds the trigger down once you start it, avoiding the strain on your hands associated with other trigger guns.

Faster set-up.

The new EASY!Lock connection system allows set-ups that are five times faster than existing systems. A simple 360o turn provides a fully-threaded, secure connection.

Built in safety..

The trigger gun features a mechanical safety to prevent accidental starts for maximum safety without compromising its ease-of-use.

Perfect connections.

The same quick locking, screw connection of EASY!Lock can be used on existing pressure washers and accessories. An easy system of adapters ensures compatibility is easy, and allows you to experience the power of the EASY!Force trigger gun.

EASY!Force trigger gun — you won’t want to put it downkarcher-trigger-gun2_orig.jpg!